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Spanish Sunrise Decorative Stone

Spanish Sunrise Decorative Stone

$220.00 / Cubic Yard.

This stone is also called Emberlite, Firelite, & Eastern Sunrise. It is a Lightweight, multi-colored stone in approx 1″ – 2″ in size. The colors range from brown to red, beige, and grey.  Nice looking stone!


*This stone is not super durable.  If it gets driven on or even has heavy foot traffic, over time it will begin to break down.  When picking up here at our yard or upon delivery, there will be some fines in the stone. These fines will settle over time and not be noticeable, however some customers choose to screen them out before installation.


Approx. Weight per yard – 1,700 lbs.
Approx. Coverage per yard – 95 sq. ft. @ 3″ thick.


We are now closed for the season. The store will open in the spring.

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