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Frequently Asked Questions…

Q. What is the minimum amount of material you will deliver?

     A. 1 yard

Q. What is the maximum amount of material you can haul in your delivery trucks?

     A. (Mulch – 25 yards) (Top Soil / Sand – 8-10 yards) (Stone – 8-10 yards)

Q. Can I have 2 items delivered at the same time?

     A. Currently, we have no way to seperate items (i.e. top soil and mulch) in our trucks. Therefore, when the truck dumps, the different products would mix together. If, however you need more than 1 item delivered, please contact us to discuss your needs and to arrange for special delivery pricing.

Q. How do I know how many yards to purchase?

     A. Determine the total number of square footage needed to be covered.

     Square areas: Length (x) Width.

     Circular areas: Radius (x) itself (x) 3.14

     Determine what depth you want for coverage and refer to the table below.

Coverage Chart

1 Cubic Yard Covers
648 Sq. Ft.
324 Sq. Ft.
162 Sq. Ft.
108 Sq. Ft.
81 Sq. Ft.
64.8 Sq. Ft.
54 Sq. Ft.
46.3 Sq. Ft.
40.5 Sq. Ft.
36 Sq. Ft.
32.4 Sq. Ft.
29.5 Sq. Ft.
27 Sq. Ft.

Take your total number of square footage and divide by the number to the right of your chosen depth. This will give you the correct amount of mulch needed. If placing an order for delivery, it would be best to round up to the nearest full yard.

Q. How many cubic feet in 1 cubic yard?

     A. 27 cubic feet = 1 cubic yard.

Q. Can I fill up my own containers or bags of your products?

     A. Yes! You can bring in your own bags, containers, or buckets and a shovel and help yourself. We do also sell some of our popular mulch and soil products in bags as well.

Q. How many 5 gallon buckets would I need to fill to equal 1 cubic yard?

      A. There are 202 gallons in a cubic yard. So if you completely fill a 5 gallon bucket up, it would take approximately 40 of those buckets to make up a yard.

Q. Will you load up less than a full yard into my truck or trailer?

     A. Yes. We will load up a minimum of 1/2 yard. Any amount less than that, will need to be loaded by hand by the customer.

Q. How much do things weigh?
     A. Wood mulch products weigh approximately 400-500lbs per cubic yard. Stone, sand, and topsoil products weigh approximately 2,000-2,700lbs per cubic yard. Moisture within a product can affect the weight of the material.

Q. I have a Ford F-150 with a 6 foot box.  How much material can I haul with this?
     A. Assuming there are no obstructions in the back of the truck (tool box, tonneau cover, etc.) you can typically expect to fit 2 yards of mulch.  (Some will be heaped over the edges of the truck bed.)  Best to bring a tarp to cover before you leave.  Soil and stone is a different story…  While the volume of material will not be different, the weight totally is.  Most “full size” half ton trucks can safely handle 1 yard of stone or soil due to the weight.  Smaller “mid-size” trucks are limited to a half yard of stone or soil, and approximately 1.5 yards of mulch. We can help you decide when you get here and offer our advise on what you can safely haul, but its ultimately your truck and your decision.

Q. How many bags equal 1 cubic yard?

     A. Most of the bagged bark in our area comes in 2 Cubic foot bags. There are 27 cubic feet in one cubic yard therefore 13 ½ bags equal one cubic yard. Some of our material is available in 40lb bags, 1/2, 1, and 2 cubic foot bags as well. Feel free to call our office if you have questions.

Q. Can I get material dumped somewhere other than my driveway?

     A. Maybe. But don’t 100 percent plan on it.  Driver discretion is the final word when it comes to where we can unload. Hazards like power lines, trees and bushes, space to maneuver, & especially ground conditions all play a factor.
We will do our best to accommodate dumping locations but if the driver isn’t comfortable with safely dumping to avoid damage to your property and/or our equipment, then an alternative location will need to be chosen.

Q. Can I get material dumped in two different locations?

     A. Drivers can definitely give dumping in multiple locations (on the same property) a shot. It’s tough to control the flow of material as it is being unloaded. If you absolutely must have material in more than 1 location it is best to pay for multiple deliveries, it might save a lot of work.

Q. Can I get a delivery at a specific time of day?

     A. Most deliveries are scheduled for “anytime” on your chosen date.  This means it will be delivered sometime during our business day.  If necessary, we can give you a 2 hour window and do our absolute best to make it inside of that timeframe, but it is not guaranteed.  We suggest receiving material a day prior if you need material onsite early morning. We will do our best to accommodate requests for “late in the day” based on driver availability. You do NOT need to be onsite for us to make a delivery. We will ask you for unloading instructions at the time of your order. 

Q. Do I need to make an appointment to come pickup products from your store?

     A. Nope!  You can come by anytime during our business hours to pickup materials.

Q. How big are your loader buckets?  (How much is “one scoop”)

     A. We have 1/2 yard, 1 yard, and 2 yard buckets.  Typically people refer to our 1 yard bucket as a “scoop”.  Our bulk material is priced per yard.

Q. Will dyed mulch stain my driveway?

     A. Yes it will, especially if it’s wet or damp. The stain will eventually disappear, however. We strongly recommend placing a tarp down before having mulch dumped on your driveway to eliminate stain issues.

Q. How do you sell Boulders?

     A. We sell boulders a few different ways. Some are sold by the cubic yard and others are sold by the pound or ton. We also have a U-Pick area that has boulders priced individually.