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Soils / Sands

  • Beach Sand

    $25.00 per cubic yard.

    Clean Play Sand. Used commonly in sandboxes, beaches, shorelines, and volleyball courts.

    Apporx. 2800 lbs. per yard.

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  • Chips ‘n’ Dust

    $52.00 per cubic yard.

    Mostly used as a base material for pavers, patio stone, or flagstone. Chips and Dust eliminate the need of using multiple products like stone and sand as a base. A compacted 4+ inches of this material will make an excellent starting point of your sidewalk or patio project.

    Approx. 2700 lbs. per yard.

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  • Crushed Concrete – 21AA Gravel

    $39.00 per cubic yard.

    Perfect for driveway or extra parking areas. It is 100% recycled concrete. Size ranges from 1″ pieces down to dust. Looks similar to road gravel. Will compact very well. Also a good base material for use under sheds.

    Approx. 2500 lbs. per yard.

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  • Garden Soil

    $39.00 per cubic yard.

    A high end planting soil. Organic compost blend. Approx 80% Compost (composted leaves and grass) and 20% Screened Topsoil.  Perfect for any planting or garden project.  Somewhat light-weight compared to the Screened Top Soil. Excellent moisture retention. Very, very nice stuff!

    Approx. 2000 lbs. per yard.

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  • Mason Sand

    $36.00 per cubic yard.

    Used mostly as a base material. (Under brick or stone patios or walkways, etc.) Also is a good sandcastle building sand. It is a little more coarse than our beach sand.

    Approx. 2500 lbs. per yard.

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  • Screened Top Soil

    $26.00 per cubic yard.

    Topsoil that has been run through a screen to filter out most debris like rocks, stones, sticks, etc. Great for seeding or re-seeding lawns, building berms, or most other applications where dirt is needed. Sandy loom.

    Approx. 2200 lbs. per yard.

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  • Unscreened Fill Dirt/Sand

    $18.00 per cubic yard.

    Good ole fashioned dirt!  This is dirt and/or sand that has not been screened.  This product varies in consistency.  Sometimes it’s more like clay, and other times it’s more of a sandy loom. (feel free to call us for current conditions 😉 )It is good for filling up a hole (i.e. an old swimming pool) inexpensively.  Also used to build up areas such as berms or around foundations where something else will cover it, like mulch, stone or better topsoil.

    Approx. 2300 lbs. per yard.

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