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Michigan Fieldstone Boulders

Michigan Fieldstone Boulders

We stock Michigan Boulders in sizes from 4 inches up to 4 feet.  Larger sizes are available upon request. These boulders are multi colored granite, but mostly different shades of grey is what you will find.

Sold by the pound (or ton).  For reference, a 12″ (basketball size) boulder will weigh approximately 110 lbs. and cost around $10.00 each.

14″ Boulder – Approx. 130 lbs.

18″ Boulder – Approx. 210 lbs.

24″ Boulder – Approx. 260 lbs.

36″ Boulder – Approx. 1,100 lbs.

48″ Boulder – Approx. 2,800 lbs.

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